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Getting the basics right

Working with Senior and Middle Leadership Teams both in UK and Internationally, with possible areas of support including:

  • Pre-Inspection Reviews (OFSTED, BSO,BSME,KHDA) 

  • Development, implementation and evaluation of School Improvement Plans

  • Effective school marketing

  • Staff leadership programmes

  • Data tracking 

Enabling Learners for the Future

Does your curriculm deliver the core skills needed for future learning?

Do your pupils use complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity in every lesson? 

Are your learners keen to make a difference to the local and Global community?

  • Bespoke programmes

  • Integration of Innovation, STEAM and Entrepreneurial stands into Curriculum mapping

  • International approaches to Innovation to improve standards

  • Setting up 21st Century Life Skills rubrics linked to your school aims

  • Improving learning using Neuro scientific research


Education Businesses

Are you a business looking to open in the Iucrative Education International markets? 

Do you have the operational and curriculum development skills within your start-up team? 

Is your Founding Principal new to International Education and looking for partnership support in the pre-ops phase? 

  • Support for new school start- up and pre-operational  development

  • School branding and community  reputation building 

  • Supporting Founding Principals with organisational, academic and operational systems


Helping Leaders, Learners and School
Businesses Grow


2DEY Education is a Consultancy that works in Partnership with Academy Trusts, Local Education Authorities, international education companies, individual schools both UK and Internationally based. Its Head Office is in the East Midlands which has excellent transport access to UK and International localities. It has been founded by the highly successful Education leader, Jonathan Dey and has access to a network of specialist Associate Consultants.


2Dey Education

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